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British Pounds

Philately or in other words stamp collecting

My husband has been in the habit lately of saying - this song is 30 years old or this film was released 50 years ago. Which of course makes me feel old (I'm only 50) but just sometimes I yearn for the olden days.

When I was younger I used to collect stamps and it was always exciting to get a letter through the door with a stamp on it that I didn't have. I spent hours organising them into neat rows in my stamp book. Nowadays you get these boring labels printed out at the post office. I know you can still get stamps but they don't like putting them on even if you ask.

I discovered that you can buy discounted stamps from

You can buy all sorts of bulk value stamps in various prices, save a few pennies and get lots of different designs.

So if you receive a parcel from me, chances are it will be covered in lots of different stamps. Don't throw them away - find someone who collects stamps or find a charity such as Macmillion to donate them too.

Thanks for looking.

Linda x


Posted by Earthshine Glass Design on 09 January 2019 08:38

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