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Sunflower Necklace - Art Elements June Challenge

I've had the idea of this sunflower necklace in my head for a while and when I saw that the June challenge on the Art Elements Blog was Sunflowers I knew I needed to get it done. I was away on holiday for most of June so it was a bit touch and go as to whether I would get it finished in time and to be honest I shouldn't have been making it at all as I have the County Show next weekend which I need to get ready for. But, by the skin of my teeth, I managed to get it finished. Here it is:


I started by experimenting with different shades of yellow glass, frit and enamels until I found the effect I was looking for.

I ended up making enamel stringer which I painted onto an opaque yellow glass and then shaped the glass in the flame to get the petal shape. Then it was into mass production until I had enough petals in varying sizes and small brown balls to complete the necklace.

I couldn't get the cord in the colour I wanted. I had some orange cord but it looked too bright and garish. Black didn't look right either.  I was looking for a natural colour but it wasn't available so I bought a beige colour being the nearest that I could get. When I put it next to the petals it looked so insipid. I wondered if I could colour it with some paint. I had some oil paint and thought I had nothing to lose so I gave it a try and it worked. I painted it on and then wiped off the excess and it worked. It gave it a hint of colour but still had a natural look.

Next came the clasp - it took me 3 attempts. I've made a magnetic clasp before but I couldn't find the magnets I used - I looked everywhere but to no avail. They'll probably turn up now I've stopped looking!

My husband had some more but they weren't the right size. I had to make a bead on the end of a big mandrel and then drill a hole in the centre to fit the to the magnet in. Unfortunately the first ones I tried were too small and not strong enough to hold the necklace closed.

The other magnets he had were bigger and so the previous method wouldn't work, then I had the idea of putting the magnet inside the bead. The second beads I made were too narrow so I had to ream them out to fit the bigger magnest inside. Unfortunately they were too thin and they broke :-(

Third time lucky and it was. I double dipped the mandrels so that the inside diameter was bigger and the magnets fit in perfectly. It worked! So I the clasp is magnetic but you can't see the magnets - perfect. I would have preferred the cord to be a little bit fatter so that it filled the inside of the bead completely but I am just being picky really.

I used enamels on the beads so that they matched the petals.

I'm so happy with the finished piece, it came out just as I imagined it would.

Thanks to Susan Kennedy for the challenge that promped me to get my butt in gear and make this necklace.

Please have a look at the other entries.

















AE Team









Thanks for looking.

Linda x

PLEASE NOTE: you will notice that the date of the comments are all later. This is because I changed my wesite provider and copied them across. I can assure you they are all geniune.

Posted by Linda on 20 June 2018 08:53

Comments ...

Beautiful necklace Linda
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:08
Your necklace is beautiful. I love how you made each petal for the necklace. It was worth the work!
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:11
Linda - wow, this necklace is amazing. I've admired your necklaces for so long, and even got to see the one you won a prize for here in Pittsburgh at the Glass Center. I'm really glad you decided this was the reason to get this accomplished, it's gorgeous!
Posted by Susan Kennedy on 28 July 2018 09:52
This necklace is just stunning!
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:53
Wow! So worth all your effort you put into it. And I have to say, I so enjoy seeing your test pieces with the comments written next to them. There is a special kind of beauty in "work swatches" that I so enjoy! :)
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:53
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:54
I love, love this necklace!!! The petals are so delicate and sexy and I so enjoy the deconstructed sunflower effect you created rather than the expected circular flower as it often is represented. Such a great piece of wearable art!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:54
I am in awe....
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:54
Your necklace is gorgeous.
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:55
I love the necklace,
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:55
and the petals look just amazing! I like how you made the beige cord work for you, and your trials with the magnets and beads, phew, that was so much work but I love that it came together perfectly in the end.
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:55
I was awestuck when I saw the close-up on Instagram. I couldn't wait to see the entire piece and I am still amazed at it's beauty! The glass petals you made are the perfect color and style. I love how you designed this necklace. Just stunning!
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:56
The necklace is stunning. I can only imagine how long it must have taken to make all those petals.
Posted by Tammy on 28 July 2018 09:56
I just love your design, so unique and I bet it is just amazing to wear!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:56
Loved reading about your process,
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:56
you make it look so effortless. The final design is stunning!
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:57
Wow, your necklace is spectacular! So much work went into it and the result is amazing. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Linda Landig on 28 July 2018 09:58
I LUV LUV LUV your necklace.. Just the petals and such a lovely color!! I like your idea for the magnet inside bead too. Novel!
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:58
Another stunning necklace from you Linda. Your jewellery is really spectacular. Good luck at the County Show.
Posted by Anonymous on 28 July 2018 09:58

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